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Seminar "How to get maximum effect from exhibitions”

The most important seminar for exhibitors! And for the organizers of exhibitions, the opportunity for closer communication with the participants and their productive work at your events.

You will get acquainted with effective exhibition technologies and, using real examples, will see what techniques you can apply in your own practice.
  • how to choose an exhibition;
  • exhibition opportunities;
  • stages of preparation;
  • methods for evaluating the effectiveness of participation;
  • advertising and PR;
  • how to arrange a stand;
  • how to turn exhibition visitors into customers.

In just one day you will learn:

The objective of the seminar:

To systematize and supplement your exhibition experience, allow you to “look at yourself from the outside” and get rid of common mistakes and stereotypes, show what, most importantly, how to do in order to achieve maximum results at exhibitions.
A few words about the speaker
  • More than 20 years of successful work in the exhibition industry.
  • He started his work at international exhibitions as a promoter and stand-attendant. Then he worked as a Bishkek project manager at Iteca Ala-Too, part of a large exhibition holding. Where he became a head of the project, then took the position of director of the company.
  • Since 2009, he has opened and headed the exhibition company Biexpo.
  • Over the years, he has held more than 250 exhibitions.
Victor Linovizky
Conducts a seminar
Director of the exhibition company
“For 20 years of practical knowledge, vast experience has been accumulated, and we will share with great pleasure the secrets of the success of the step-by-step preparation for participation in the exhibition.”

The main arguments in favor of the seminar

Participants confirm that the recommendations received at the workshop work great
Seminar attendees come back and recommend it to others
The seminar exceeds the expectations of even experienced exhibitors
The number of contacts with target visitors at the exhibition increases by 2-3 times!
Find out all the secrets and tricks that give maximum results at exhibitions!
Attend the seminar “Effective Participation”
Attend the seminar “Effective Participation”