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Exhibition equipment rental

The exhibition stand is what the visitor's eye first of all falls on. The success and efficiency of the company's participation in the exhibition is directly related to the competent design of stands and exhibition structures.

BiExpo is the only company in Kyrgyzstan that has a complete set of exhibition equipment of the Oktonorm and MAXIMA modular system. And more than 20 years of experience in creating exhibition stands. The team of the technical department of the company consists of highly qualified specialists.

A typical stand is a universal solution, the advantages of which are the speed of ordering, cost-effectiveness and a wide range of equipment, which allows you to create not only aesthetic stands, but also use additional equipment: showcases, shelving, information and promotional stands, booklet stands and much more. In addition, our company has other options, such as TVs, dispensers, leather sofas and armchairs, chairs, etc.

By contacting BiExpo, you can develop the necessary design and rent any necessary equipment.

All rental conditions are negotiated with each client individually, so the price will be able to satisfy any customer.

Collaboration Process

At the initial stage, we will agree with you the terms of reference, the concept of the stand
After budgeting and signing the contract, we will begin to implement your project
We deliver exhibition equipment
We carry out installation of exhibition equipment
We dismantle the equipment after the end of the event
We always strictly adhere to deadlines and agreements
We appreciate your visitors and will do everything to meet and even exceed their expectations
Learn more about the service
Learn more about the service